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Vol 1 (2015) Agroforestry practices for physiological amelioration of salt aff ected soils Abstract   PDF
Laxmikanta Behera* Manas Ranjan Nayak, Dhiraji Patel, Abhishek Mehta, Satish Kumar Sinha, Rajesh Gunaga
Vol 1 (2015) Eff ect of split application of ammoniacal and nitrate sources of nitrogen on lilium growth and yield Abstract   PDF
Muneeb A. Wani, Imtiyaz T. Nazki, Ambreena Din
Vol 1 (2015) Eff ect of triazole compounds on induced changes in growth biomass and biochemical content of white radish (Raphanus sativus L.) Abstract   PDF
R. Sridharan*, S. Raja, P. Sakthivel
Vol 3 (2017) Effect of NaCl and Na2SO4 salinities and light conditions on seed germination of purslane (Portulaca oleracea Linn.) Abstract   PDF
Vishal V. Naik, Baburao A. Karadge
Vol 1 (2015) Environmental assessment of small rivers in the Kiev region (Ukraine) according to the health and hygienic indicators Abstract   PDF
I. Shumigay,, O. Tohachynska, O. Nychyk, O. Ivanenko, O. Salavor, M. Strizhnova
Vol 2 (2016) Evaluating the growth potential of Vigna radiata (green gram) using Albizia amara (AA) and Leucaena leucocephala (LL) as a phytoremediator for textile dye (Navy blue dye) simulated soil Abstract   PDF
N. Sudarmani Gayathri, V. Jayanthi
Vol 2 (2016) Exogenous thiourea modulates antioxidant defence and glyoxalase systems in lentil genotypes under arsenic stress Abstract   PDF
Dibyendu Talukdar
Vol 1 (2015) Growth performance of Ceriops decandra propagules as infl uenced by plant growth regulator: A conservation eff ort Abstract   PDF
M. Gomathinayagam, A. Arunprasath
Vol 1 (2015) Infl uence of indole-3-butyric acid and triazole compounds on the photosynthetic pigments and biochemical constituents of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal Abstract   PDF
P. Sakthivel, R. Sridharan*
Vol 1 (2015) Infl uence of sustainable source of nutrient on growth and yield of sunfl ower (Helianthus annus L) Abstract   PDF
Shah Jahan Leghari*, Umeed Ali Leghari, Ghullam Mustafa Leghari, Mehmooda Buriro
Vol 1 (2015) Introducing leaf color chart in agriculture of Sindh Abstract   PDF
Shah Jahan Leghari*, Umeed Ali Leghari, Mehmooda Burriro, Aijaz Ahmed Soomro
Vol 1 (2015) NaCl as a physiological modulator of synthesis of compatible solutes and antioxidant potential in sangam (Clerodendron inerme L.) Abstract   PDF
N. Silambarasan, S. Natarajan*
Vol 2 (2016) Phosphorus and Zinc Interaction Influence Leaf Area Index in Fine vs. Coarse Rice (Oryza sativa L) Genotypes in Northwest Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Amanullah ,, Inamullah ,, Zahir Shah, Shad Khan Khalil
Vol 2 (2016) Temperature Stress Induced Antioxidative and Biochemical Changes in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars Abstract   PDF
Jayanwita Sarkar, Bishwanath Chakraborty, Usha Chakraborty
Vol 3 (2017) Transformation of Mungbean Plants for Salt and Drought Tolerance by introducing a gene for an osmoprotectant glycine betaine Abstract   PDF
Anila Baloda, Seema Madanpotra, P.K.J aiwal
Vol 1 (2015) Triazole induced changes on biochemical and antioxidant metabolism of Zea mays L. (Maize) under drought stress Abstract   PDF
Mahalingam Rajasekar, Gabriel Amalan Rabert, Paramasivam Manivannan*
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