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Guide to Authors

Authors willing to submit their manuscript to Scienceflora journals are requested to carefully go through the guidelines as given below, [The papers submitted without following this style and format will not undergo review process, and will be returned to authors].

Article Types

Three types of manuscripts may be submitted: Regular articles, Short Communications, Reviews.

All portions of the manuscript must be typed double-spaced and all pages numbered starting from the title page. The Title should be a brief phrase describing the contents of the paper. The Abstract should be informative and completely self-explanatory, briefly present the topic, state the scope of the experiments, indicate significant data, and point out major findings and conclusions. Following the abstract, about 3 to 6 Keywords that will provide indexing should be listed. The Introduction should provide a clear statement of the problem, the relevant literature on the subject. Materials and methods should be complete enough to allow experiments to be reproduced. Results should be presented with clarity and precision. The Discussion should interpret the findings in view of the results obtained in this and in past studies on this topic. State the Conclusions in a few sentences at the end of Discussion. The Acknowledgments of people, grants, funds, etc should be brief. Tables should be kept to a minimum and be designed to be as simple as possible. Figure should be prepared using JPEG file.


References should be cited in the text as follows: "The procedure used has been described elsewhere (Green, 1978),"or "Our observations are in agreement with those of Brown and Black (1979) and of White et al. (1980),"or with multiple references, in chronological order: "Earlier reports (Brown and Black, 1979, 1981; White et al., 1980; Smith, 1982, 1984).... "

In the list of references papers should be given in alphabetical order. The following illustrate the format to be used:

Journal article

Zengin G, Sarikurkcu C, Aktumsek A, Ceylan O. Fatty acid composition of flowers of Crepis foetida subsp. rhoeadifolia from Turkey. J Med Herbs Ethnomed 2015; 1(1): 10-12


Trease GE, Evans WC. Pharmacognosy. 14th ed. London: W.B.Saunders Co. Ltd.; 1996

Chapter in a book

Davis PH. Boraginaceae. In: Davis, PH, editor. Flora of Turkey and the east Aegean Islands. Vol. 6. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Free Press; 1988. p. 237-437.


World Health Organization. Implementing antimicrobial drug resistance surveillance and contentment for HIV, TB and malaria. An Outline for National Programmes. [WHO document WHO/CDS/CSR/RMD/2003]. Geneva: WHO; 2003.

Abbreviations of journal titles should follow those listed in the Index Medicus. Responsibility for the correctness of the references lies with the author(s). After manuscript revisions, authors should double-check that all in-text citations are in the reference list and vice versa. Failure to do so will result in the delay of proof generation and possibly publication. Please make sure that the References are double-spaced and no bullets, numbers, or other listing formats are used.

Peer Review Process:

The submitted articles will be assigned to 2 external reviewers for peer review process which helps the journal to maintain its high integrity.


One set of galley proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for typographical checking only. It should be returned within three days of receipt.

Online Publication:

Soon after acceptance, the articles with Abstracts will be published as Online First and are citable using DOI numbers. Later, after proof corrections, the article will be assigned to issue with page numbers.